Marketing has become a hot niche in the last decade or so, but thanks to social media the market is flooded with people trying to sell a service they know nothing about. Marketing isn’t just about pressing a couple buttons on Facebook ads and “Trying” to convert a sale, it’s much deeper than that, and I wouldn’t be able to talk about everything I know in one post, so let’s start with the fundamentals and core principles that everyone needs to master to become a marketer (If they have the creativity to be one anyway).

1.Conversion Funnels

This strategy in…

So You’re interested in software engineering, Full-Stack web development, or any computer related field, but you don’t know where to start? Maybe you even went to a coding Web-dev bootcamp but something isn’t clicking?

Welcome to the club my friend, You my friend need to understand Data Structures & algorithms, and i’ll share my roadmap with you.

A bit about me

I’m originally an industrial engineer, I’ve worked in logistics and manufacturing for years. I found myself at the age of 29 with a solid job, but I wanted to learn software development, for a startup idea I had in mind. …


In a night cold and weary

I saw faces sad and teary

In a train passing by

As lovers say goodbye

Some laugh, some cry

But all have that tear in the eye!!!

There I sat, with no one in mind

Watching the window by my side

Spying the faces around me

As art…each shared a story

Some with faces in the hand

Thoughts as sad…

Others with music in the ear

Although there’s nothing to hear

Just the cold whistle of passing air

And deafening silence or prayer

On a train running on rails

Of shattered dreams and unanswered prayers

I ride…

Fueled by a cold winter breeze called love

My nigh depends on, the hot whiskey by my side

And one shiny stars light from above!!!

In a night cold a weary

A train drove…sad and teary!!!

Mehyar Sammar

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